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Feed in Tariffs

Feed in Tariffs
Feed-in tariff systems set a guaranteed above market price for renewable electricity fed into the national grid. It is argued that feed-in tariffs would improve Britain's take up of renewable energy, make big carbon savings and create thousands of new jobs. Germany, for example, since introducing such tariffs, has massively increased the new green technologies such as solar panels, wind turbines, ground-source heat pumps, both at the domestic and industrial levels, creating new industries with the ascociated new jobs and economic expansion. Feed-in tariffs have been introduced in around 50 countries.
Britain has been slow to adopt new green technologies and lags behind almost every EU country in its use of renewables, producing just 2 per cent of its energy in this way.
The campaign to bring feed-in tariffs into legislation in the UK has been backed by engineers, trade unions, farmers and house builders, as well as traditional advocates of green innovation like Friends of the Earth, the Renewable Energy Association and pop stars including Lilly Allen.
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Feed in Tariffs
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