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Green Eco Friendly China

Green Eco Friendly China
China has announced ambitious plans to transform its energy generation infrastructure, greatly increasing the use of wind and solar power. By 2020 China aims to produce 20 percent of it energy requirements from renewable sources, matching the targets set by Europe.
The 2020 target for wind energy generation is 30 gigawatts and solar power 3GW (a 75-fold increase). The countries solar heating systems are to be expanded (China is already a world leader with 130m square metres of solar heating arrays). There is a plan to install 100m energy-efficient light bulbs by the end of 2009.
China hopes to achieve these targets by directly investing $30bn of its $590bn economic stimulus package in environmental projects and schemes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition it is expected that investment in carbon-efficient transport and electricity transmission systems, will have an even greater impact.
So confident are authorities that these ambitious targets will be met, some leading government figures are considering targets more than three times higher.
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Green Eco Friendly China
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